We have replacement S.A.M.I. arcade 35mm film available to swap out the worn film in your Midway's SAMI arcade machine.

Get it today so that you have a spare (that you will eventually need!) or if you want to replace your old film right now.

Email logan@samifilm.com

You can buy Midway SAMI replacement film with white planes just like the original stock film.

S.A.M.I. reproduction film is also available in a red plane version (the same color as the plane on the cabinet art of the planes)!    This adds some pizzazz to your game with planes that are identical to the original film, except they are red.

S.A.M.I. side art showing red plane!

Midway's SAMI replacement film is available with White (original) or Red planes and both work just like the stock film did when it was new!

Email logan@samifilm.com to order your SAMI Midway film replacement!

Arcade Flyer Art Saturday: S.A.M.I.
Note the Red plane on the top right of the cabinet!

Download the original S.A.M.I. Manual and schematics.

Original White planes is $89.95, FREE US shipping included.
Two sets of White for $144.95.

With Red planes is $124.95 a set,  FREE US shipping included.
Two sets of Red for $199.95.

White and Red loops (one of each) for $179.95, FREE US shipping included.

International shipping available!

Email logan@samifilm.com
to order Midway's SAMI Arcade machine replacement film or any EM SAMI film questions!